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 European Universities championships 2017 
Dates 20th to 24th September
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 Mixed Pairs . 

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  EUSA is proud of the fact that all events are open for men and women, students aged 17-30, representing their universities  across Europe. National university sport bodies are kindly invited to submit the initial registrations - general entry forms as  soon as possible. 

 European Universities Championships are also supported by the International University Sports Federation (FISU)
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Antewerp University
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 Round 02   
 Round 03   
 Round 04   
 Round 05   
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 Round 07   
 Round 08   
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 Cross table  
 Padova vs Charles 
 Padova vs Istanbul  
 Charles vs Istanbul  
 Antwerp vs Munich  
 Antwerp vs Leiden  
 Charles vs Munich  
 Padova vs Munich  
 Leiden vs Antwerp  
 Munich vs Padova  
 Charles vs Padova   
 Leiden vs Caen   
 Antwerp vs Charles   
 Caen vs Munich   
 Istanbul vs KOC  

 1st place : : University of Padova!🥇
🥈2nd place Charles University
🥉3rd place: Technical University of Munich

winner WUBC 2017
 Winner European University championship 2017
2nd European university championship 2017
 Second Euro Universities championship 2017