67th LOTUS club annual festival 2016
 Ernakulam, Kerala  
Dates 30th & 31st Jan 2016 
We thank Prof Robins Jacob for all information
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Ernakulam, Kerala

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Tourney organisors  offer :: -
 Free accommodation to needy teams    
 Free Lunch and dinner for all  on 
 tourney days   Snacks too available

 In a keenly contested Swiss League match from 15 teams, 
 4 teams got qualified for the Super League to be conducted  
 tomorrow morning,followed by Board-A-Match and Pairs in the 
 The qualified teams are:
 VR 6................. 88.44 VPs.
 Brahmaputhra .65.88 VPs.
 Knaves............. 59.62 VPs
 Banus............... 55.51 VPs
Opening function
 Lotus Club bridge championship is the oldest uninterruptedly  
 organized tournament in India. Major attraction of this year’s  
 event was the participation of four players from the US
 Dr K Achuthan Memorial trophy - Team of Four Duplicate​

 Winners > V R 6 42.32VPs  ( R Sreekrishnan, N Prakasam, S R C   
 Sekhar, Afshar Majeed, Franz Mundadan, T R Krishnan.  

 Runners-up> Brahmahputhra with 29.82 VPs( Priya R Sinha, Mini 
  Naidu,  Sounatk Mitra, Soumya Ghose of Karnataka) 

 Third > Knaves with 28.5 VPs( Jacob Cheriyan, Joseph Cheriyan, Shaju
  V Mathew, C P Varghese, V Bejoy of Kerala) came third and 

 Fourth> Banus with 19.36 VPs( J K Banushankar, K Subramoni, 
 S Kannan, S S Ramakrishnan of Tamil Nadu) fourth. 

PAIRS > V B M Bava Memorial Trophy 
 Winners >>> SRC Sekhar and R Sreekrishnan with 64 percentage 
 Runners up    Runners up J Alexander and Mridul 
Third >>>>>> Sreedhar and Rajagopal third​

 Trophies and cash award were presented by Babu Mather, president of  
 Lotus Club, along with M Jairam and Mrs.Kamala Achuthan, K B A
 President Joseph Cheriyan & organizing committee chairman Prof. Robins Jacob. 

Board- A-Match for Chakiat Sankara Menon Trophy 
 Winner > Mungis (68VPs)finished first   
 Second > Uncle John 68VPs(Simon John, Wg.Cdr.Mohan,  K  Vijayan, C A Mohan)  
 Third > Zac’s 67VPs( Jacob Zacharias, Murali Nair, Nirmal  Raja, Prof. Robins Jacob)